Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have a funny story, i have been wanting to try my hand at painting, no i'm not talking about painting a wall, i'm talking about on canvas.  By no means i'm not an artist, i do not even like my own hand writing. If I have to hand write something I always try to get my daughter, Caitlin, to do it or maybe one of the secretaries in the office.  With all the neat whimsical paintings on Pinterest it's made me have an itch to do it, but I also knew there wouldn't be much hope for me to have anything come out of this "itch" .  Last Saturday Caitlin, Chase & I all had hair appointments, but it being Saturday we didn't have to be in a hurry.  I did my daily morning routine checking out FaceBook to see if anything exciting had happened in our little town overnight.  Scrolling down I saw a group of ladies had been to a nearby town, Murray, KY and they had done exactly what I had been wanting to do "paint on canvas" and I know some of these ladies wasn't artistic either.  So after stalking these ladies about their painting as to where they done it at, how much it cost, & etc we was almost late for our getting beautiful appointment.  So here we was sitting in the beauty salon and Jessica is talking about having some type of party in the salon on Sunday afternoon.  I thought who would want to have a party in a salon?  They continued to talk about how to arrange the tables, moving the stations, salon chairs. Well I kept on listening, since i didn't have anything else to do while Jessica worked her magic and was washing that gray right out of  my hair, as they talked back and forth among the beauticians and other customers who was there getting beautified.  I still couldn't understand what kind of party was they having, so me being me I just asked Jessica and she said that her mother was going to become a representative for Pretty In Paint Parties.  Was it true, they was going to be painting on canvas?  I couldn't believe it! Here was my chance!  So again me being me I just asked Jessica if it would be alright for me to attend.  She was more than glad to have Caitlin & I there too.  When we got to the car to leave, Caitlin said "mom I can't believe you are going to "crash" their party".  I laughed because she thought i was going to actually "crash" their party.  I explained to her that I asked if it was alright and I also explained that when someone has a party they are selling stuff and they do not care for anyone attending.  So Since Caitlin didn't want to "crash" the party I immediately called my friend Lynnitta & Becky.  They were both excited about it, but Becky didn't know if she could because she was having her grandchildren over and Lynnita didn't know what her husband's plans was for the day.  Later Becky called to say that she wouldn't be able to make it.  I thought I was going to have to give up on something that I had always wanted to do, because no one wanted to go with me.  After church Lynnita called and said she could go. . . my dream was going to get to come true after all.
Lynnita and I met at the salon along with the rest of the ladies, we did not know anyone except each other & Jessica, but they was all very nice.  Yes by now we was having doubts if we could truly do this, but the representative assured us we could do it.

We started out drawing a sketch. . . mine the one on top, as you can tell mine pencil sketch is a hot mess, how was I ever going to do this?  Lynnitta's was so neat and you could tell what it was.

Then we was instructed to fill in the back ground first with a sponge brush, then filling in closer to our pencil outline with a smaller brush.  Again Lynnitta's is so neat, I think she has done this before.

My suspicions are proving me right . . . she has done this before!

So here is my final canvas painting.  I am slightly proud of it because in my opinion it turned out WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL,  I LOVED IT! I actually done it.

Here is our group picture, I think everyone's turned out terrific   Each one is as individual as the one that painted it. Lynnita has other obligations with her church and had to leave early, one of the helpers is holding her painting on the left of me.
Now that I'm an expert I've been stalking FaceBook & Pinterest to find  other paintings to paint.  I know I don't have enough wall space to hold all the paintings i'm going to paint.

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  1. Lisa, I think you did a terrific job on your canvas!! Stand Proud!! Now try one with a Spring Theme!!