Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just had to post the kids first day of school pictures.  I am not ready for school to start, this summer has went by way to fast.  Just seems like they were getting out for the summer and we had a fun fill days ahead.
Caitlin 11th & Chase 5th
This is going to be a different year for Chase since he had to get reading glasses. 
So far we are off to a great start.  Chase has came in every evening done his homework with out me asking him to.  HE LOVES his teachers.
I am sooo behind.  When I checked my blog i couldn't believe it has been so long since i've blogged.  The last time I blogged I had tried my hand at painting.  I painted several other canvas paintings.  I even purchased the needed supplies and my kids really enjoyed painting some of the Santa Snowmen.  We entered them into our county fair and won ribbons on every one.  Now I have discovered a new hobby.  It's Rag Rug making.  Caitlin, My friend & school co-hort Becky signed up for a Saturday afternoon workshop at Sister's and Friends Shop.  I had never crocheted before but since I knew how to knit I didn't think this would be a problem.  Well starting off proved to be a little more difficult than what I thought but once the center was formed I just took off (ok thanks to Becky who helped) 
Instructor showing us how to make rag rug 

When we left the workshop we had about a 4" circle.  I was so proud of Caitlin she was interested in learning how to make a rug.  
Finished Rug 
It took a few weeks to complete but I did it.  The finished product measured 31".  Yes this will be seen in the County Fair next year.  It will also be displayed in my new office.  

I loved doing the Rag Rug so much I wanted to share with others.  Since I work at the UK Extension I am able to do just that.  The instructor agreed to come to the Carlisle Extension office and teach a class.  

Instructor showing display 
This is my favorite picture because Caitlin is showing her Aunt how to do it! 
Getting started is the hardest part! 
Yes I do believe this will be a new hobby!