Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What started out as a fun turned into a little competition with a great big reward.  I am a college student at the best school.  Mid-Continent University, Mayfield, Kentucky, has a program geared toward adults returning to college to obtain their Associates or Bachelor's degree.  They had proposed a T-Shirt Contest for each class.  We received our shirts and brain stormed what was we going to do to have the best picture that would earn the most likes.  We decided to go downtown and take our picture at either the fountain or the caboose.  Ronnie was put in charge of the sign.  We knew he was artistic but we had no idea how much so. When we all arrived down town that afternoon before class Ronnie, being the great guy he is, had already set up the camera on a tri-pod, had the sign ready and all we had to do was jump in the shot.  Becky's husband Doug, came to push the button for the "award winning photo".

Ronnie was put in charge of the sign.  
We knew he was artistic but we had no idea how much so. 

After MCU posted the photo on their Face Book page we went to work trying to get the most votes.  At the end of the contest we only had 196 votes, we knew this was not enough votes to win.  Then they started announcing the winners, honorable mentions and then our picture appeared on FB with the "most votes by teachers"  We won! ok it might not of been by likes but at that point it didn't matter.  WE WON! to us that was just as important as winning.  But at the end it wasn't really about winning or losing we had had a blast doing this!

Jackie, our MCU counselor, came to visit our co-hort and let us know we could either have a meal catered or go out.  We chose going out.  We also wanted to invite a guest.  Jackie told us that would be ok (our guest had to pay for their meal).

We chose The Keg since it was in Fulton, the town we meet in to attend class.  All I can say about this evening is it was a BLAST!  Thank you MCU Advantage for putting on the Photo Contest and taking us out on the town.
We had the private room too! 

Here we are as a group along with our guest.

Here is our group photo.  
Sorry to say we was missing two of our group members.

We played Dirty Santa and this is the ornament 
I won.  Every year I will hang this on my
tree and remember the "Photo Contest Dinner"

 Doug & Becky 
We also decided to take pictures 
by the Christmas Tree

Lisa & Darrell

We also made it into the MCU 2013 Calendar

Winners or losers of the Photo
contest, we are already winners 
with friendships like these! 

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