Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy . . Busy . . Busy. . .

I haven't forgotten about my newest activity blogging.  It's just that I've been busy.  With what you may ask.  Well my favorite day passed.  My favorite day isn't any special red letter day on the calendar.  It's Fair Entry Day at our county fair.  Yes I love the day because you get to show off the hard work you have done all year long.  It can be anything from crafts, flowers, fruits, vegetables, photography, baked goods, food preservation, or maybe anything else you can think of.  Even though I'm showing off my goods I love seeing how creative and talented my friends are.  It is also something I love to involve my children in.  Down through the years all my children have done entries in the 4-H division. Even though we win ribbons and money that isn't what makes this day special.  What makes this day special is passing on tradition not only a tradition of an individual, family but a community involvement.
 When the county fair is over we jump right into back to school.  Even though having a freshman and a 3rd grader it wasn't so bad getting the clothes, and school supplies shopping done.  Our elementary does a BIG back to school fair where alot of people from the community gets involved and gives kids school supplies.  This is such a big help to families.  I just hope the ones that are involved in this community event realizes how much they are appreciated for doing this. 
This year I am in school two and my first paper that i had done in 25+ years was due.  I had to write a personal experience about ourselves.  Was I ever overwhelmed.  But once I started working on it I was just amazed at how easy it all came together.  Then on my night i had to present this paper in front of my class.  A cohort that had only met a few weeks earlier.  People that i didn't know.  How would I ever get up in front of this group and tell a personal story.  Well i don't know if I'm just brave or what but i volunteered to go on the first night but not only the first night the first person to read their story.  I got through it just fine only stumbling a little bit.  When I  sit down my class mate whispered "i can relate to your story".  As the stories progressed everyone had a heart wrenching story to tell.  Some were more tearful than others but with every story there was something I could relate to.   Through these stories our cohort has grown closer.  Even though we have not been in school together but five weeks.  We have already made life long friends. 

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